Consultations – Spiritual Healer

In 2010 Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi thwasa’d isMnguni*, isMdau* nesiProfeti in Soweto. In 2019 she thwasa’d iNzunza (which are the guardian water spirit – abanikazi bamanzi) in Mozambique. Her most recent truimph in the journey of learning and healing “self” through African Spirituality is that she thwasa’d isXhosa in 2021 which is also known as a ithongo elimhlophe. As a spiritual healer that’s been practising for over 10 years, Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi continues to appeal to the knowledge seekers who are interested in the past but not stuck in it. Her core philosophy is that people have to be connected to their African ancestry.

Gobela Spiritual Teacher & Trainer

The institute uses indigenous knowledge systems to facilitate optimal functioning of the mind, spirit and body. It is a knowledge hub that trains those who are called to be sangomas as well as facilitate and educate the public on African Spirituality

Life and Relationship Coach

If you’ve come across any of Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi’s social media platforms, you’ll know she’s naturally an inspirational, aspirational and motivational person. Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi is unlike most South African personalities because she’s rooted, authentic and transparent about the victories and defeats.

Trained facilitator – Inclusivity and Healing

Gogo Dineo is a licensed Heal Your Life Teacher and certified Organisational Systems Coach. The best way to summarise her life’s work is that she is a facilitator of change. She is passionate about enlightening people to view life from a different perspective through bringing about changes in peoples’ outlook to allow for holistic healing.


Gogo Dineo cemented her position as a foremost speaker in the global market as she graced the TEDxCAPETOWN stage in 2019 where she eloquently discussed the 4 key lessons she learnt as a spiritual healer.

As an international teacher, Gogo Dineo set the stage alight as a keynote speaker in Lüneburg, Germany at Leuphana University in 2019 at their conference on Leverage Points and Sustainability.

African Storyteller – Poet and Writer

All keepers on ancient knowledge are storytellers. That is how our African history has moved through generations and remained agile. It is not a disadvantage that our history remains “undocumented” in textbooks and encyclopedias because that gives us the opportunity to seek the knowledge from those who carry it. Through dialogue.


Gogo Dineo is versatile and has had a cameo role on Rhythm City where she also acted as a cultural consultant to ensure that the content was a true representation of ubungoma traditions. Gogo Dineo began her creative career as a theatre practitioner and dancer that worked with the likes of


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